Annual Design Competition Kicks Off in Wuxi

July 11, 2018  Editor: Liu Yanmei
Annual Design Competition Kicks Off in Wuxi
Wuxi's vice mayor Liu Xia announces the launch of the 4th Design Competition on July 4. [Photo/]


The 4th Design Competition kicked off at Wuxi Museum, in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, on July 4.

Competitors are encouraged to design with local cultural elements as an effort to promote the city's cultural features. Under the theme of "Wuxi Museum is with you", competitors are required to design products based on the collected relics in the museum. Participants are also encouraged to use design elements from other local cultural attractions, such as Helv Relics Museum and Donglin Academy.

An incubation fund valued at one million yuan ($151,233) has been established to drive the production and sale of outstanding design products with market potential. Wuxi Rural Commercial Bank has also made available loans to provide capital support for excellent designs.

The competition is being held in collaboration with six institutions, including amongst others the Bank of Beijing, Helv Relics Museum and Donglin Academy.

Candidates are able to get detailed information on its official website ( and WeChat account.

(Source: China Daily)

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