ACWF President Inspects N China City, Attends Women's Federation Symposium

March 31, 2017  Editor: Rong Chen

Shen Yueyue, vice-chairperson of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) and president of the All-China Women's Federation, recently carried out her latest NPC inspection tour of law enforcement in north China's Tianjin Municipality.

Speaking at a symposium on March 28, Shen urged officials from Tianjin women's federations at all levels to strengthen their ideological guidance; work hard to serve women in the country's overall situation; and, embrace the future success of the 19th Communist Party of China (CPC) National Congress.

At the event, Shen watched a presentation of a short film called Our Story in 2016 and joined discussions with officials.

After listening to reports, Shen gave a positive evaluation of the Tianjin municipal Party committee by praising local officials who have implemented the keynote remarks made by President Xi Jinping.

Federation officials have fulfilled their job responsibilities in uniting women and encouraging them to play their role of "holding up half-the-sky" in social progress, Shen commented.

The upcoming keynote CPC congress is a big issue in people's political life among all ethnicities, Shen stressed.

Women's federations at all levels should act in accordance with the unified arrangement of the CPC Central Committee; highlight the publicity and implementation of the congress; and, make solid progress in promoting the CPC's political guideline in terms of educating and connecting women, Shen urged.

Officials should lead women from the general population to closely unite around the CPC Central Committee with Xi as the core; follow CPC policies; and, fully study Xi's main remarks about new ideas, concepts, judgments and requirements in terms of governing the country, Shen added.

Shen urged female officials from Party and government organizations to consolidate their political beliefs; show loyalty to the CPC; and, cultivate clean and honest family virtues.

Meanwhile, female academics should play a leading role in implementing core socialist values, Shen mentioned.

Also, Shen encouraged female graduates to foster their ambition in serving the nation and people, and female entrepreneurs should carry out reform and innovation intertwined with novel development concepts.

Furthermore, grassroots women should live a healthy life with the introduction of modern technology and civilization, Shen suggested.

Federations should also strengthen their online construction so that more women could benefit from social media, Shen pointed out.

According to new development concepts, federations should carry out targeted initiatives in order to increase women's incomes; foster positive family education; and, improve local domestic service capabilities, Shen urged.

Reform work requires federations to stick to the right political direction; follow intra-Party doctrine; and, promote the "Four Consciousnesses", namely "consciousnesses of the ideology, the whole, the core and the line," Shen stressed.

Senior officials in attendance included Sheng Maolin, executive member of the Municipal Committee and director of the Organization Department in Tianjin; Dai Yun, president of Tianjin Women's Federation; Cai Zhiping, chief justice in Tianjin No.1 Intermediate People's Court and part-time vice-president of the federation; Yu Haizhen, president of the women's federation in Heping District; Wang Wenwang, president of the women's federation in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and vice-president of local trade unions; Zhang Pei, president of the federation in Huangzhuang Street of Wuqing District; and, Chen Xiuru, chief secretary of the local Association of Family Education.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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