ACWF VP Inspects Work of Women's Land Rights Protection in C China

April 28, 2017  By Yao Peng  Editor: Rong Chen

Tan Lin, vice-president and member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), made an inspection tour in central China's Hubei Province on April 25.

Issues of main concern to the inspecting team of Tan-headed officials included women's rights protection, especially for those living in rural villages, and legal rights in relation to land contracts.

In specific, Tan visited a township finance office in the city of Ezhou, in which she checked local archival files about registering land contracts.

Later, Tan watched a presentation of a short film displaying women's federations' participation in confirming rural land right and issuing land certificates as well as federation initiatives in safeguarding rural women's land rights and interests across the province.

During her visit to two village households, Tan asked detailed information about villagers' land contracts and relevant registration procedures.

In order to safeguard female villagers' rights and interests, it is necessary to include their names during each specific procedure of land registration, Tan stressed.

Those initiatives enable women to have their own names on the land contracts, she added.

At local city's mediation service center for marriage and family disputes, Tan listened to reports of dispute resolution made by the local comprehensive management office, women's federation, civil affairs bureau, and justice department.

Tan gave a positive evaluation of the local work mechanisms, leadership building, and relevant financial budget.

Tan urged local grassroots women's federations to work under the leadership of the Party committee, and cooperate with relevant departments in fulfilling federations' functional responsibilities.

Sticking to the principle of fairness, federation officials should offer patient, professional and rational service in resolving cases of family and marriage disputes, Tan said.

In case of difficulties, officials can report to relevant departments after detecting certain risks, and later figure out the most appropriate approach to resolve them, Tan added.

The ACWF vice-president also encouraged federations to organize public seminars in local communities so that more people could benefit from such useful skills about families and relationships.

Resolving disputes is an important component in the work of promoting social security and comprehensive management, which should be involved in the range of government-purchased public services, Tan stressed.

Other officials in attendance included Li Bing, chief of the Party committee in Ezhou; and, Gao Qin, vice-president of Hubei Women's Federation.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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