ACWF VP Inspects Work on Family and Children in Jilin

April 5, 2017  By China Women's News  Editor: Rong Chen

Deng Li, vice-president and member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF), led a team of officials to inspect work on family and children in northeast China's Jilin Province from March 27-30.

During a visit to local villages, communities and households, Deng had talks with grassroots representatives, federation officials and residents from some of the "most beautiful families" across the region.

Moreover, Deng attended local symposiums focusing on family and children work and federation's reform.

After listening to reports, Deng noted her appreciation of the work on family and children that the Jilin Party committee and the provincial government have attached great importance to.

The women's federations at various levels across the province have explored new ideas and approaches in promoting household civilization construction and children's work, Deng commented.

Deng urged federations at all levels to fully study and implement the keynote remarks made by President Xi Jinping, especially those significant instructions highlighting the federation's work.

Officials should learn about advanced political ideologies and improve connections with the people; inspire positive household virtues, doctrines and precepts; and, encourage women to play a unique role in family and society, Deng said.

Moreover, Deng encouraged officials to make good use of their organizational strength and lead women to promote the construction of household civilization through educational guidance, publicity, cultural leadership, demonstration of typical models, social practice and guarantee from the rule of law.

In family education, the priority in cultivating a good person lies in his or her moral consciousness, which requires innovative approaches and content in fostering such positive family education in the modern era, Deng said.

Deng hoped federations at various levels could serve as a bond or bridge connecting the Party, government and women from the general population; promote federation reform; contribute efforts to tackling the problems of institutional and administrative issues; and, break the barriers of age, educational background, and identity in fostering potential talents.

Meanwhile, women's federations should enhance their team building, involving both full-time and part-time officials, in order to have closer connections with people at the grassroots level, Deng suggested.

Also, Deng encouraged officials to take advantage of social media in carrying out reform initiatives.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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