Parent-Child Reading Event Draws Readers in Beijing

April 23, 2019  Editor: Li Yang

The National Parent-Child Reading Activity brings together families and the classics of childhood. [China Women's News]


As the 24th World Book Day approaches, the National Parent-Child Reading Activity, sponsored by the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) and organized by the Beijing Women's Federation, was launched in a community of Chaoyang District in Beijing on April 21.

Shen Yueyue, President of the ACWF, and Huang Xiaowei, Vice-President and First Member of the Secretariat of the ACWF, attended the event.

A girl participates in the parent-child reading event. [China Women's News]


This year's event began with the video clip We Are Together.

Through reading books to children, parents not only build stronger parent-child bonds but also can foster their and their children's patriotism.

In three sections of "I want to read to you, my child," "I want to read to you, my friend" and "I want to read to you, my motherland,”family representatives, the promotion ambassadors of parent-child reading, workers of women's federations and publishers read the red classics and shared their reflections.

"In my mind, books enrich my knowledge, and teach me how to become a real man, who should be kind, courageous, and ready to help others, "13-year-old Liu Yuchen said.

"How could the river be so clear and cool? For fresh water comes from the source."

During the activity, Professor Meng Man, Vice-President of the ACWF and Promotion Ambassador of the National Parent-Child Reading Activity,read an excerpt from Zhu Xi's poetry, Reading has feeling

Meng Man gives a distinctive poetic lecture at the event. [China Women's News]


Meng clarified the meaning of reading through analysis of the poetry, and unveiled the recommended bibliography of family reading in 2019.

Representatives of nine publishers, including the China Women's Publishing House, donated 6,000 children's books and other parent-child reading materials to families in Beijing.

Publishers' representatives donate children's books and parent-child reading materials to families in Beijing. [China Women's News]


The second group of bases of parent-child reading, where holiday reading activities and parent-child story-sharing sessions will be held, was also designated at the event.

With the support of local publicity and publication departments as well as farmers' bookstores and children's homes, the local women's federations will initiate rural parent-child reading public welfare activities to benefit children in poverty-stricken areas.

After the event, Shen and Huang participated in parent-child reading experience activities themed on patriotism, family traditions, parent-child companion and female growth.

After the event, Shen (C)and Huang (4th,L) participated in a series of parent-child reading experience activities. [China Women's News]


They also observed "Drawing the Roots of My Family", "The Family Reading Exhibition of the Past 70 years" and other works for children, and talked with parents and children at the session.

A family-reading sharing session was held at the Women's Home, where Shen watched the social organizations in cooperation with the Women's Federation of the Chaoyang District exchange thoughts and ideas on such reading projects as patriotism, family tradition, parent-child reading and female growth.

Shen remarked, "Family reading sets the foundation of reading for all the people. It focuses on moral cultivation of children, paving the way for their growth and the progress of social civilization."

When asked by parents how to solve children-raising problems, Shen noted, "You can resort to books, teachers and professional organizations when encountering difficulties. You may also ask for our help. Supporting family education is an important task of the women's federations.”

The caring and education for children under 3 has always a bothersome problem for parents. Shen said that cooperation with professional institutions could better solve the problem.

In 2018, the ACWF held parent-child reading live-streaming events on the People's Daily Online, attracting 85 million viewers, recommending over 200 books, and appointing the first 80experience bases of parent-child reading.

The women's federations at all levels gave enthusiastic responses, carrying out 80,000 parent-child reading activities throughout the year, with 95.87 million people participating.


(Source: China Women's News  Translated by Women of China)

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