Elderly Couple Show Decades-long Passion for Travel

September 11, 2017  Editor: Jane Wang
Elderly Couple Show Decades-long Passion for Travel

Gu Xiangdong (L) and his wife Gao Zhixia [Shenyang Evening Daily]


A couple in their 70s from Shenyang, northeast China's Liaoning Province, have recently become a hit online after sharing their stories about traveling over the past 18 years, mainly by car.

The pair have traveled to many places across the country, covering a distance of over 200,000 kilometers.

The husband Gu Xiangdong said, "As long as I can drive and walk, I will accompany her to travel anywhere she likes."

Gu stated his wife Gao Zhixia was diagnosed with cancer in 1996 and became quite frustrated. After more than three years of treatment, the woman was discharged from the hospital but she still suffered many pains.

Therefore, Gu came up with the idea to take her wife on a trip, hoping to make her happy by visiting other places.

"From then on, we have embarked on our journey alone by car. Nowadays, my wife's health condition has gotten better and better."

When making a road-trip to southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, the couple had a car accident. Luckily, they only suffered slight injuries. But, they were not discouraged from going on long-distance journeys.

"As long as I stay with you, I'm not afraid at all," said the woman.

After their tour of Tibet, the pair installed a solar panel on the roof of their new car for the convenience of cooking in the course of traveling.

The man explained that the vehicle is their home where they sleep and cook meals. "Over the years, we have greatly enjoyed our trips."

Accordingly, the video about their story has received more than 5 million views and some major news agencies have actively shared it.

A netizen commented, "I think it is the primitive and pure appearance of love."


Elderly Couple Show Decades-long Passion for Travel

The couple and their car [Shenyang Evening Daily]

(Source: Shenyang Evening Daily/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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