PhD Candidate to Donate Brain for Scientific Study

October 16, 2017  Editor: Joyce Dong

Lou Tao [Photo courtesy of Lou Tao]


Lou Tao, a PhD candidate at Peking University, has announced she will donate her brain for scientific study after suffering from motor neuron disease for the past two years, reports

"After I pass away, I want to give up my head for medical study and hope motor neuron disease can be overcome soon so that those suffer from this disease can get rid of the pain," said Lou Tao in her will, which has been published online.

Her parents signed on to the human organ donation sheet on behalf of Lou Tao, who is now in "deep sedation."

Her supporters have managed to raise 1 million yuan to help with her medical treatment.

Before contracting motor neuron disease, the young woman hoped to become a history professor after graduation.

Lou Tao came down with the disease unexpectedly.

In October 2015, Lou Tao first discovered she couldn't move one of her toes. Three months later, she was diagnosed with motor neuron disease.

She was admitted to intensive care in hospital in January.

(Source: China Daily)

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