Obstetrician Delivers Baby Despite Foot Injury

November 30, 2017  Editor: Alice Shang

Sheng Qifang carries out a C-section on her patient. [zjol.com.cn]

A 50-year-old obstetrician recently became the focus of feverish discussion online after she delivered a baby whilst still recovering from a foot fracture.

Sheng Qifang has over 28 years of experience and started working in Ningbo Yinzhou No.2 Hospital in east China's Jiangsu Province in 2009.

Sheng had a patient who was scheduled to give birth in late December. She had been giving suggestions since the beginning of her pregnancy.

However, just a week ago, the pregnant woman's blood pressure elevated abnormally. The medicine could not correct her condition, endangering both the mother and baby.

The unexpected illness worried the patient and she called Sheng who had broken her foot during a sports competition 10 days prior.

Sheng suggested conducting a cesarean delivery as soon as possible.

The mother-to-be agreed but pleaded that Sheng to do the surgery, which was scheduled for November 24.

Considering the anxiety the patient was suffering, Sheng said yes, even though her foot was still healing.

During the hour-long operation, Sheng stood on one leg while resting the other on a stool. One of her co-workers took a photo of the scene and shared it in a chat group.

Speaking of the unexpected popularity, Sheng said, "It's no big deal. Many of my colleagues work harder than me."

(Source: zjol.com.cn/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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