Training Programs Help Unemployed Women Keep on Working

May 15, 2018  Editor: Liu Yanmei
Students of the training program at Weifang's high-tech zone display their handmade dim sum. [China Daily]


Weifang Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone has implemented a series of professional training programs aimed at unemployed people seeking to refresh their skill-sets and get back to work.

Zhu Xueying, 48, gained employment in 2015 at foreign-invested Knowles Electronics (Weifang) Inc as a factory worker.

After the company adjusted its business strategy in 2016, Zhu was made redundant and faced a heavy financial burden in supporting her two school-age children.

Zhu registered to take a free job training course offered by the zone during Spring Festival in February, requiring her to take 48 lessons in five weeks to obtain a certificate.

"I do not have professional skills, which makes it hard for me to find an ideal job," Zhu said. "Without sufficient skills, the only job available for me is as a sanitary worker. I am thinking about opening a small business after the classes and am much more confident in job hunting."

Sun Huafeng, deputy principal of Weifang Happy Service Job Training School, which runs the training, said: "We are here to provide useful job skills to residents. Our training programs are going well with support from the zone."

He added that the school teamed up with the local Yuandu community in 2008 to provide job training programs for residents. The community provides classrooms and the school provides the teachers. The school provides courses such as baking and childcare.

In the past few years, the Weifang Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone has taken a series of measures to train more and more redundant workers to help them regain employment. The zone has also paid close attention to creating job opportunities, launching favorable policies and improving its training and services.

In 2017, the zone provided 2.06 million yuan ($323,900) in subsidies to companies offering positions to people who have experienced difficulties in finding employment.

(Source: China Daily)

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