Nong Fengjuan: Female Toll Collector Serves Drivers with a Smile in S China's Guangxi

June 11, 2018  Editor: Liu Yanmei
Nong Fengjuan: Female Toll Collector Serves Drivers with a Smile in S China's Guangxi
Nong Fengjuan []


Nong Fengjuan is a toll collector of the Nanning Expressway Operation Co., Ltd. of Guangxi Transportation Investment Group in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

She is also a delegate to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the winner of the 22nd "May Fourth Youth Medal of China".

During the past ten years, Nong has offered service with a smile for 1.3 million drivers, and solved more than 6,000 problems for drivers which won her title of "Smiling Angel".

"The expressway toll station is an important window to display the image of social civilization. I want to polish this 'window' with a smile," Nong said.

In May 2011, Nong was splashed by a driver who was not driving according to regulations through the station.

However, Nong kept smiling and patiently explained relevant policies to the driver. In the end, the driver paid the tolls in accordance with the rules and regulations.

After this matter went viral on the Internet, netizens all called Nong Ms. Smile or Ms. Calm.

In October 2015, Nong was elected the "China's Most Beautiful Expressway Toll Collector".

She is fully aware of the importance of this honor. Only by thoroughly improving her overall abilities, can she continue to pass the positive energy of her smiling service on to society and get social recognition.

In order to constantly improve herself, Nong has been striving to learn professional knowledge and skills.

Starting from the toll collectors, she has competed for posts such as auditor and ticket agent. Even though she failed three times in running for the station's vice director, she was not discouraged.

With her solid basic skills and thoughtful service, Nong became the vice director of Nanning East Toll Station in 2017.

"I am a CPC member and a civilized service worker on the toll station. I want to show my most beautiful smile to every driver ," said Nong.

For decades, it has not been so difficult for Nong to persist in giving friendly service with a smile. "In fact, our smile shows respect and is a tribute to the drivers and passengers who struggle for their lives and work," said Nong.

In 2015, driven by Guangxi Communications Investment Group and Nong, the "Fengjuan Model" team named after Nong was gradually formed.

The team consisted of Nong as the chief representative and recognized the "Smiling Model", "Keep-clear Model", "Inspection Model" and "Maintenance Model", guiding all staff to step forward.

Nong believes that no matter what job you are in, you can give an extraordinary performance in an ordinary post by doing your best. "I have felt the happiness of self-realization in my ordinary post," said Nong.

Led by the "Fengjuan Model" team, the company has nurtured a large number of outstanding employees who have become the backbone of the operation and management of Guangxi expressway.

The smiling service of China's expressway begins in Nanning and radiates across the whole country, moving towards the world.

In 2017, Nong was invited to Shaanxi, Hubei, Anhui and several other provinces by the industry authority to share the "Smile +" brand innovation practice at the national industry conference.

She has also taken part in various conferences and made suggestions for the work of the Communist Youth League in Guangxi Province.

As a delegate to the 19th CPC National Congress, she showed Premier Li Keqiang her smiling service during the congress and was highly praised by the Premier.

After returning to work, Nong faithfully performed her duties. She never forgets her original aspiration and remembers her mission.

She also visited all parts of Guangxi  to carry forward the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and has made a positive contribution to setting the right values for young people.


Nong Fengjuan: Female Toll Collector Serves Drivers with a Smile in S China's Guangxi
Nong Fengjuan (L3) and the 'Smile Benchmark' team. []
Nong Fengjuan: Female Toll Collector Serves Drivers with a Smile in S China's Guangxi
Nong Fengjuan attends the 19th CPC National Congress in Beijing. []


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