Jazzy Dance Routine at N China Primary School Goes Viral Online

January 25, 2019  Editor: Lei Yang

A video clip showing the unique synchronized dance routine performed by school children in north China recently went viral on social media, bringing fame to the participants both at home and abroad.

In the footage, Zhang Pengfei, principal of Xiguan Primary School in Linyi, North China’s Shanxi Province, led the students in a "ghost shuffle" routine on campus.

Zhang had been trying to get more students interested in outdoor exercise rather than playing with electronic devices during break times. Due to a lack of space and funding, he failed to come up with a long-term solution.

After he learned the dance himself, which combines Chinese music with Jazz and hip hop moves, as a hobby in October 2018, he realized that he could teach it to students and motivate them all to improve their fitness.

Since then the students have learned the dance, too, and they practice it together four days a week on campus. Most of them enjoy it, say the pupils.

Many netizens commented on the video online. One said, "What a cool principal. This is what every school needs." Another said, "Brilliant. I love this idea. I’m also loving their uniforms."

Another added, "It shows great role-modelling and leadership, and it's great team work, creating team spirit."

(Source: People's Daily / Translated and edited by Women of China)

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