Drama All Is Well Makes Yao Chen a Star Again

March 24, 2019  Editor: Sandy Zhu

The TV drama All Is Well is currently on the air. Topics touched on in the drama such as the preference for boys over girls, young adults who still need financial help from parents and supporting the elderly have sparked hot public discussions since its broadcast.

A still of Yao Chen, who plays Su Mingyu in the drama All Is Well. [Photo/Mtime]


The drama tells a story of the two brothers and a younger sister of the Su family. The struggle over the support of their widower father is like a receding tide, revealing the rugged truth of a typical Chinese family.

The popularity of the drama has made Yao Chen, who plays the younger sister Su Mingyu, a star again. She is not only a little sister troubled by her family of origin, but also an independent and capable woman in the workplace. The controversial role has unexpectedly attracted countless fans and gained her a lot of respect and sympathy from audiences.

Moreover, Yao's fashion in the drama offers guidance for women in the workplace. She is always dressed like a working woman, simple but exquisite, which makes her a model of style. Suits and leather clothes are indispensable in her daily wardrobe, and her silk scarves add a nice touch of feminine charm.

Here are some examples for you to learn from.

Stills of Yao Chen, who plays Su Mingyu in the drama All Is Well. [Photo/Mtime]


(Source: chinadaily.com.cn)

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