China's 2012 Internet Buzzwords

February 4, 2013  Editor: Sun Xi
 A hierarchy of different countries in the football world []
A hierarchy of different countries in the football world []
Bishilian(鄙视链), literally translated as 'distant chain', refers to a hierarchy defined by various things such as one's choice in cell phones, social media sites and more. 
This latest Internet meme has spurred heated discussion on Sina Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. Some use the online social networking community as an example, saying that people who use Facebook are superior to those who use Kaixin (a Chinese social media service), while some say that Google Talk is better than MSN as an instant messaging tool. Within just a couple of days, millions of comments were posted, and new categories kept appearing: IT, games, entertainment, literature, lifestyle, and more. Some netizens expressed happiness for being on the top of the chain and others mocked themselves for being at the bottom.  
If you need an emotional lift, comparing yourself to people 'lower' than you on the chain might do the trick and serves to remind us that whether you are an ordinary person or part of the elite, we all have a place on the invisible chain.  
Positive Energy
Zhengnengliang (正能量) or 'positive energy', first showed up on Sina Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, to encourage people to have faith in the face of violence, disaster and inequality. It's also a phrase that the government has latched on to, using the word to remind people to maintain hope when confronted with hardships. 

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