Are Chinese Women More Independent Now?

April 17, 2017  Editor: Candy Liao

Gone are the days when women had to rely on marrying a successful man for security. Nowadays, many women realize it is more important to depend on themselves. According to a recent survey, 70 percent of the female participants think the biggest advantage for modern women is being talented and versatile, have a strong ability to work and have a good income, and have a beautiful body shape. What do you think? Are Chinese women becoming more independent? China Daily readers share their views.

Dracarys (U.S.)

That's depend on what those woman think what they really need and want to do. Woman is independent and great in every country.

teatree16 (Switerland)

Chinese men are more like emperors than as one normal equal gender to women, instead they are feudatorial with inadequate confidence the same time, bit weird... Some Chinese men are just unable to adapt to the change. They expect women to be obedient, docile and submissive. And at the same time have a job, do all the housework, raise a child and be subservient.

It is high time that women are becoming more confident and independent!


Of course Chinese women are independent. That's why they become leftovers.


Social change takes a long time. The parents and grand-parents of today can still be stuck in the traditional attitudes. Women in a modern society deserve equality with men in all things, but a Chinese woman has to be strong to counter the encouragements to marry young. It is encouraging to see some women following a career and enjoying life, rather than dreaming of being looked after all their lives by a rich husband. Also encouraging is seeing more men enjoying cooking for the family, and taking an active role in child care.

Seneca (U.S.)

I have certainly noticed that Chinese women can be more ambitious than men. Maybe the unfair inequalities in bringing up boys and girls differently contribute to this. At schools, girls work harder and seldom engage in playing pranks or in forgetting where they are. Boys misbehave and waste their time at school and still "pass" exams. It is a kind of "miracle" that defies all laws on Earth.

When they are adults, the girls are more refined, have better manners, but boys are still rather rough around the edges, often very ignorant, clumsy in their social interactions and often still mummies' darlings.


I have to step in in defence of Chinese males here.

I have formed the impression that Chinese males have accepted to share in household chores equally with their wives for a long time. Whenever I am guest at a Chinese couple'shome, it is usually the man who makes the meals and does pother household jobs. I also notice a lot of Chinese men carrying around toddlers, some even on their backs.


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