Parents Should Love Their Children 'Within Boundaries'

February 12, 2018  Editor: Qiao Ziyu

Jessica, a child educator in New York recently shared her experiences with a journalist, and explained why she thinks that it is important for parents to give their children boundaries.

The educator recalled a situation she saw firsthand when she was being a volunteer at her daughter's kindergarten last year.

In her daughter's early education class, a three-year-old girl was causing constant trouble — keeping the toys for herself and often crying loudly to get what she wanted.

The teacher of the class was a woman called Sarah. Jessica described what happened: "When the girl's father asked her to say goodbye to teachers after class, she ignored him and went straight outside.

"Then the father said to her with a cute tone bordering on begging: 'My dear, just say goodbye to teachers, just once, okay?'.

“At that time, I began to know why the girl was such a wayward child. Later, I was asked to accompany the girl, and Sarah had a serious talk with the father.

"Sarah suggested to the girl's father that when asking children to do something necessary, parents should be more firm, otherwise children’s bad habits would never be corrected."

Jessica said she agrees with Sarah wholeheartedly. To cultivate children properly, giving respect is important, but some parents forget that respect is a mutual process.

Parents should ask children to treat others with the same attention, love, and respect given to them.

Parents should also bear in mind that those children who do not respect their parents will not respect others, she added.


(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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