Childcare Expert: Parents Should Stop Being Everyday Perfectionists

March 23, 2018  Editor: Zhang Cuimei

Jiang Peirong is the former chief interviewer for Massachusetts Institute of Technology in China. She is an expert on child education, etiquette and growth.

She says that due to China's culture of encouraging mothers to make selfless sacrifices, and expecting women to be responsible for handling household chores, many women have serious perfectionism anxiety.

If they have a higher academic background, it will be more serious, argues Jiang.

She says perfectionism can bring anxiety and non-acceptance. Perfectionist parents are demanding on both themselves and their children. They think that flaws are problems that need to be promptly solved.

This can cause children to be less confident, more reluctant to face failure and not dare to try new things, she explains.

Jiang also hypothesizes the nature of perfectionism, namely parents' desire for control. They have been accustomed to living perfectly, so they want others to be like that, too.

To help them get out of such trouble, Jiang suggests they learn to accept imperfection.

To give the best love to children, parents should also learn self-growth, Jiang concludes.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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