Parents Have Different Ideas about Selecting Books for Children

September 28, 2018  Editor: Liu Yang

Many parents have become concerned about whether they should help their children select their favorite books and that knowledge or interest should come first when it comes to the selection of reading materials.

According to a shop assistant from the department of children's books in a Beijing-based book store, their best sellers include classical literature recommended by teachers, comics, and campus and adventure novels.

During an interview, a mother said that her six-year-old daughter now spends a lot of time reading illustrated books and continued that the girl would become more interested in her picture books if they contained interactive designs and games.

A majority of teenage respondents noted that they prefer to read short novels with rich storylines and interesting comics.

Parents have recognized the importance of reading to broaden their children's horizons and nurture their thinking abilities. However, they have had different ideas of whether they should intervene in their kids' reading and how they should guide them on the right track in reading.

Some parents explained that they often buy books for their children in accordance with teachers' recommendation, the list of best sellers and their children's interest.

Meanwhile, there are also some parents who will advise their children to read a wide range of books. However, kids often show little interest in the books recommended by their parents.

An editor of children's books proposed that parents should select some chapters from a book for their children to read and allow them to decide whether they will go ahead with reading the whole book.

Liu Ya, from a brand of children's books, called on parents to provide their children with reading resources as often as possible and to talk with them about what they have learnt from reading books.

Parents have now attached great importance not only to the content and storylines of children's books but also the values conveyed from them when selecting reading materials for their kids.

Liu emphasized that a good children's book should be close to their characters and life. In addition, it is expected to be filled with warmth, aspiration and humanistic care, heal their souls and give them the courage to face various challenges in real lives.

Furthermore, many editors advise parents to find books on traditional Chinese culture for their children.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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