Female Community Party Secretary in N China Serves Residents Wholeheartedly

July 5, 2018  Editor: Liu Yanmei
Zhang Jing: Outstanding Female Secretary of Community in N China
Li Zhengfu (C), a Langfang citizen, donates 36 old movies to Xinjingjie Community, and Zhang Jing (L), the Party branch secretary of the Community, awards him with an honorary certificate. [People.cn]


Zhang Jing, 40, is the Party branch secretary of Xinjingjie Community in Langfang City, north China's Hebei Province.

In 2001, she worked in the Yuhua Road Community Party Branch. In the winter, she worked in a small, unheated bungalow. She was too cold to hold a pen and her legs were often frozen.

Even so, she never missed a day of work.

In 2007, Zhang transferred to serve as the secretary of the Xinjingjie Community Party Branch.

The Party branch had just been established and there were only three people in the team, including Zhang. They didn't even have an office.

"Community work here was 'a blank sheet'," Zhang recalled.

One night, the toilet hose of a household's bathroom burst in the community and the water leaked downstairs causing trouble for the residents downstairs.

At the time, she had already returned home from work, but after receiving the phone call, without saying a word, Zhang returned immediately to look for the householder and manage the conflict.

There is a road between the eastern and western districts of the community.

A few years ago, a resident was knocked down by a car while crossing the road and was left with three rib fractures.

Zhang realized immediately that the intersection needed a set of traffic lights and to become a one-way street.

As a result, she actively responded to the relevant departments to report the matter and eventually solved the problem.

Outside Zhang's office hangs a sign saying "Zhang's Mediation Room."

"It may seem that all the matters in the community are trivial. However, if conflicts triggered by seemingly trivial matters are not handled properly, they have the potential to develop into big disputes," said Zhang.

Once, a young couple fought with each other due to family chores and alerted the community Party branch.

Zhang poured a hot cup of tea for the woman, but she poured it on Zhang.

Regardless of her wet clothes, Zhang kept talking with the couple. In the end, the young couple reconciled.

"Watching the couple leave hand in hand, I felt that the grievance was worthy," Zhang said.

Since she's been working with the residents for a long time, everyone in the community regards her as a most trusted family member, which makes her feel very proud.

Yet, due to her years of hard work, Zhang has suffered from encephalitis, pneumonia and pleurisy. Now, she is infected with nephritis and needs to take long-term medication.

Her family advised her to pay more attention to her health, but she insisted that couldn't leave her work.

"The residents trust me, so I cannot let them down," said Zhang.

There was an autistic child in Xinjingjie Community. When Zhang heard about this, she discussed ways how to help the child out of his isolation with her colleagues.

Later, she deliberately organized a badminton game and invited the child to attend.

With her support, step by step, the child became more cheerful.

Likewise, in order to provide more care for people with disabilities in the community, Zhang organized a series of activities such as delivering warmth for disabled children, disabled people's health weeks, and training for disabled people to help them solve practical difficulties.

In fact, Zhang cared about every member of the community as if they were her own family.

For the many elderly people in the community, she organized a large number of thematic cultural activities to enrich their spiritual and cultural life.

She also advocated the establishment of a home-based retirement service station to provide services such as health care, hygiene and cleaning, food and beverage distribution, and agency services for the elderly.

In order to enrich the after-school life of left behind children in the community, she strove for the establishment of a youth activity center.

Many festivals, ceremonies, and other cultural activities with the theme of family affection were planned by Zhang and were all popular in the community.

For her, the most talked about was "reviewing the cultural activities of the hutong." For example, in the neighborhood cooking competition, everybody sat with their well-prepared meals together, talking and laughing.

"The cooking competition not only brought delicious food to the residents, but also more communication between people," Zhang said.

In recent years, Xinjingjie Community headed by her has successively won a series of honorary titles such as National Civilization Unit, National Democracy and Law Demonstration Community, and Hebei's Civilized Community.

Zhang was also awarded as a National Model People's Mediator, the Province's Pioneering Communist Party Member, and the People's Favorite Official.

Their experience of community building was also selected in the Blue Book of Social Systems — Report on China's Social System Reform.

What has made Zhang feel the most gratified when working in the community is the fact that everyone regards it as their home.

"People who live here are friendly, inclusive, help each other and work together to build a better community — this is my ideal community," Zhang said.

(Source: People.cn/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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