Young Director Su Lun: Creating, Rather Than Waiting for Opportunities

June 29, 2018  Editor: Xie Wen
Young Director Su Lun : It Is Important to Create Rather Than Wait for Opportunities
Su Lun [Women Voice]


Chinese director Su Lun recently released her latest film How Long Will I Love You, which has exceeded 700 million yuan at the box office since its debut.
Looking young and full of spirit, Su has learned a lot in the film industry.

When she was young, Su audaciously dropped out of studying electrical power engineering at university in order to seize the opportunity of participating in famous director Feng Xiaogang's film Happy Funeral as a director's assistant.

After being involved with other filming crews, she enrolled in the Director Department of The Central Academy of Drama and took part in the filming of Lost in Hong Kong with director Xu Zheng as the executive director.

As for the film How Long Will I Love You, Su said that it was not produced to meet the tastes of the Chinese market, but to tell a warm story with a strong sense of reality.

"I don't want to present the audience with a comedy based on the exaggeration of actions and language. I just want to tell a story of two people's lives to make us aware of our growth. Comedy is just an external means of packaging to make this story more interesting," said Su.

According to Su, the script had to be repeatedly polished to more accurately present the actual situation and vivid details of life, which was the most difficult part of creating a comedy.

The reputation of her film even surpassed Hollywood blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War. In this regard, Su, who is also a huge fan of Marvel productions, did not express much excitement, but stated that there was still room for improvement.

When asked if she had experiences to share with the new directors, Su said that as a director, they shouldn't easily give up. It's important to insist on what you want to do and not expect people to give you opportunities, and it's better to create them on your own.

(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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