Pharmaceutical Boss Reveals Her 3 'Chinese Dreams'

August 8, 2017  Editor: Cherry Peng
Pharmaceutical Boss Reveals Her 3 'Chinese Dreams'

Zhou Hong [Xinhua]


Zhou Hong, general manager of Shanghai Roche Pharmaceuticals, has three "Chinese dreams", namely: the launch of new drugs, developing better medicines, and facilitating the internationalization of local talents.

Recently, Zhou gave an interview where she explained her hopes and wishes for the country and her company.

Global synchronization in launch of new drugs in China

The incidence of melanoma, or skin cancer, in China is six per 10,000, which makes it a rare disease, but one that shows an increasing trend.

In contrast to Western countries, China has witnessed a higher malignancy of special-type multiple melanoma. About 26 percent of patients with melanoma in China have experienced gene mutations, and the average survival period after then is only three to four months.

Zelboraf is the world's first target drug for the treatment of melanoma caused by a particular mutation. The launch of Zelboraf in China will significantly improve the survival of patients, says Zhou.

"In the past two years, China has made great efforts to accelerate the entry of new drugs into China and improve the quality. My dream is that Chinese patients can use the new drugs for the first time," Zhou added.

Producing more medicines that benefit the world's patients

According to Zhou, Roche took the lead in establishing a complete pharmaceutical business chain in China, including research, development, production and marketing. Currently, two drugs developed and produced by Roche are being made in China and supplied globally.

"I hope that one day the medicines made in China can benefit patients around the world, from the research and development of drugs and clinical trials, to their global launch. This is my second Chinese dream," remarked Zhou.

In the future, Roche's Innovation Center will focus on innovative drugs in the field of early development of immunization, inflammation and infective diseases. Zhou said that the center would promote cooperation between Roche and local research institutions, while attracting the world's top research talent to China.

Facilitating the internationalization of Chinese talents

Finally, Zhou said that her third dream is the internationalization of Chinese talents: "I hope we can not only cultivate talents for China, but also guide more local talents to go global."

Zhou said China has enormous potential. Its growing economy has made China the world's second largest economy and the second largest healthcare market. Furthermore, the Chinese government is proactively carrying out healthcare reform, bringing benefits not only to patients but also to multinational drug enterprises.

(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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