Jiang Yunlu: Frontrunning Businesswoman of Entrepreneurs

August 25, 2017  By Jia Yingying  Editor: Sherry Song
Jiang Yunlu: Frontrunning Businesswoman of Entrepreneurs  
Jiang Yunlu, president of Huafu Youth Start-up Space, a platform that provides support to youth start-ups in Shenyang, northwest China's Liaoning Province. [China Women's News]  


Jiang Yunlu, president of Huafu Youth Start-up Space, a platform that provides support to youth start-ups in Shenyang, northeast China's Liaoning Province, has helped carry out 71 entrepreneurship projects and served 316 organizations, leading local 5,000 people to find jobs during the past three years.

In 1980, Jiang was born in Beizhen City. When she was 18 years old, she went to the United Kingdom to study finance. After graduation in 2004, Jiang worked at a famous investment company and a network technology company in Beijing successively.

During more than 10 years of life living aboard and in Beijing, Jiang found a great number of excellent Liaoning people were fighting for their future in places far from their hometowns.

Under such circumstances, Jiang always wondered why Liaoning's economy could not take the top spot in the country as there were so many talented young people. And why were people more willing to work in larger metropolis such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou?

With the love and emotion for her homeland, Jiang and several friends who also came from Liaoning, decided to go back to the province and tried to support its development.

Underdeveloped region has more business opportunities.

In 2014, Jiang left her lucrative company in Beijing and returned to Shenyang. She was determined to help local people realize their dreams of starting businesses with her abundant resources and former working experiences.

"In the initial stage of pioneering, we found that scale forming network companies and e-commerce platforms were rare in China's northeast region (namely, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces) but the south part of China has already acquired full development in the related field," Jiang said.

Figuring out the local situation, Jiang and her partners established Huafu Youth Start-up Space in Shenyang's downtown area.

Speaking of Jiang's startups, the most special concept of the 3,000-square-meter Space is "sharing". The place is a coffee shop with an elegant environment at first sight but it also provides entrepreneurs a platform to communicate with each other.

According to Jiang, as long as people can prove they are students, they can drink free coffee in the Space; and entrepreneurs can enjoy 100 cups of free coffees annually as well if they are willing to input their information into the Space's system.

Meanwhile, entrepreneurs can enjoy free services here, including startup trainings and guidance, venture investment and financing docking after their projects have been accepted. The Space also provides open offices for new entrepreneurial groups.

Finding an increasing number of good ideas

Among the incubated enterprises, local Munuo Ecology is a startup project that follows the characteristics of the province, and has developed from only three employees to 60 at present.

During the development of the project, Jiang's team gave them many instructions through the Space's resources and innovative marketing approach and helped the entrepreneurs design the project and seek opportunities for cooperation.

Under Jiang's guidance, the project has become a successful company that is valued at around 100 million yuan (U.S.$ 14,925,373) in just a few years.

Moreover, Huafu Youth Start-up Space has assisted the farm to dock 10 million yuan (U.S.$ 1,492,537), which accounts for 10 percent of its shares.

On June 6, the farm sold 60,000 bags of local Panjin Rice in 10 minutes on the shopping website, Tmall.com, which has refreshed the website's sale record of commodities of the same classification.

Jiang said that the success of the project was a milestone that proved Liaoning has its own e-commerce enterprise.

In addition, during the past three years, Jiang's team has launched 296 forums about entrepreneurs and investments, business trainings, investors' meetings, open classes in campuses and various competitions.

From Jiang's point of view, the meaning of starting a company is not only doing business but also driving industrial development and building industrial ecological links.

If entrepreneurs are familiar with an industry, they can try to collect all social and economic powers to create their products; as for those who lack experience, investment organizations, executable projects and seed capital will also bring them success in the capital market, just like the Space.

Jiang also stated that all the profits of incubated enterprises belong to the entrepreneurial companies and her team would benefit from the earnings of the capital market.

Women entrepreneurs deserve more respect.

Due to responsibilities in the family and high life pressures, Jiang always believed that every businesswoman deserves to be respected and revered by the public.

As a female entrepreneur, she said that what motivated her to do this pioneering work was setting a good example for her son and letting the little boy know his mother is an inspired and enterprising woman.

Jiang recalled that she was four months pregnant when she started to decorate their office space in the initial stages. Then the Space soon started operation when her son was less than two months, and later Jiang even took him with her on business trips.

It was perhaps because of Jiang's independence and strong determination; Jiang's kid seems more intelligent than his peers though he is less than 2 years old now.

Jiang said that being a mother is even harder than setting up a business. Just because of her status, she has to do better for her son.

When talking about future plans, Jiang believed that colleges and universities would always be essential places in creating successful start-ups. They should activate the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institutions and try to cultivate a group of youth who have the intention and abilities to establish their own businesses.

Meanwhile, Jiang also hoped that they could make full use of local investment foundations for young entrepreneurs, providing younger generations with a coordinated-process service.

Although daily work is busy and hard, Jiang feels that she is doing something she likes. Faced with various unknown difficulties during work, the determined woman always believes that everything will be figured out as long as she persists.

Jiang said she is in her best state for now and has already made her life what she wants it to be.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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