Businesswoman Makes Domestic Service A Lifelong Career

November 30, 2017  By Song Licai  Editor: Rong Chen
Businesswoman Makes Domestic Service A Lifelong Career
Zhang Yu [China Women's News]


"I want to contribute efforts to my beloved profession for a whole lifetime," says Zhang Yu, a businesswoman who entered the household management service industry over a decade ago.

Unlike many of her peers who pursued a career in the glamorous showbiz world after graduating from The Central Academy of Drama in Beijing in 2006, Zhang chose to start her entrepreneurship endeavor in a field about which she barely knew anything.

Zhang clearly remembers an article she once read in the newspaper: "Beijing has a shortfall of around 100,000 workers in the domestic service industry." She thought this would be a golden opportunity for her to make a difference.

Zhang said she did not have a smooth start, due to a lack of experience, scarcity of customers and difficulty finding staff.

She later took advantage of gift cards to expand her brand called Daban Domestic Services.

"I tried hard to make ends meet financially during the first year and continuously improved services to reach the various demands from customers," Zhang recalled.

Her hard work has paid off. The businesswoman has re-constructed her team and launched a new brand in regard to maternity care and nursing for the elderly. This new business has expanded across different hospitals in seven cities.

Her endeavor also includes a targeted poverty-relief initiative which enables women from the city of Lüliang, north China's Shanxi Province, to obtain domestic service training and later work at Zhang's company.

"I want to involve more advanced approaches to offer better care to those in need," Zhang said.

(Source: China Women's News/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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