Celeb Sets Strong Example Through Close Involvement with Charity

April 16, 2018  By Susan  Editor: Liu Yang
Yang Ying gives an interview about her participation in charity affairs. [news.cn]


Young Chinese actress and model Yang Ying, known popularly to her fans as Angelababy, has been closely involved in charity affairs and often extends a helping hand to underprivileged groups.

Yang, 29, rose to fame in 2012 after appearing as a dance enthusiast in her debut movie First Time directed by domestic filmmaker Han Yan. It centered on a romance between her and a rock singer played by Mark Chao.

She later participated in Zhejiang TV's popular game show Keep Running and further consolidated her position as one of leading public figures in China.

Yang has held a strong conviction in her participation in charity affairs over the past few years.

She has become accustomed to conveying much compassion and care to so-called "empty nest" senior citizens, referring to elderly people who have lived without children at home, as well as impoverished children from mountainous regions, and other underprivileged groups.

Meanwhile, she often takes advantage of her social popularity to encourage more people to follow suit and jointly relays warmth as well as assistance to others.

Yang said she wants to convey more positive energy to the younger generation and inspire them to further demonstrate their talent in hi-tech competitions and technological innovations.

One of her latest shows is Clash Bots featuring battles between remote-controlled armed robotic vehicles, shown on domestic streaming site IQiyi.

(Source: news.cn/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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