Female Forensic Doctor Breaks Hundreds of Criminal Cases

May 8, 2017  By cqnews.net  Editor: Hewater Liu
Female Forensic Doctor Breaks Hundreds of Criminal Cases

Yang Faying (C) performs a forensic examination at a crime scene. [dxbei.com]


Yang Faying, a forensic doctor from southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, has contributed to clearing up nearly 1,000 criminal cases and helped many victims find their murderers with her professional work since she took up her post 13 years ago.

During a recent interview, Yang, an officer from the bureau of public security in Tongliang District, said that she was inspired to become a legal examiner when she watched a TV series about the profession in her childhood.

After graduating from high school, Yang was admitted into Kunming Medical University and chose forensic studies as her major. Amongst 38 students in her class, there were only four girls. Right now, the other three women are working in other professions rather than becoming forensic experts.

Yang's dream eventually came true when she graduated from college in July 2004 and became a police officer two months later. Since then, she has committed herself to using her knowledge and skills to help others uncover the criminals behind their sufferings.

Others often ask Yang why she chose such a job which is dreaded by the public, especially women. She answered that there is nothing frightening related to the job and instead she is filled with a deep sense of justice and mission.

Back in July 2005, Yang and her colleagues worked on an intentional homicide. The victim had already been dead for ten days when Yang was alerted to the criminal case. She alone performed a legal examination over the decayed body while others dared not to approach it.

After the forensic checkup, Yang's clothes were deeply polluted by the corpse's stinking smell and some of those around her couldn't bear the smelly odor and advised her to splash perfume on herself before going to perform such an involved procedure next time.

In response, Yang said that she wouldn't choose to use perfume until her retirement since it would exercise a negative impact upon the forensic checkup. She continued that she has become accustomed to her life without perfume or makeup.

In comparison with other mothers, Yang has spent less time with her daughter since her work usually consumes a lot of her energy and time. Nevertheless, her nine-year old daughter still regards her as a big heroine, though she will rush to the site where a crime takes place and fail to take care of her sometimes.

So far, Yang has attended investigations in 2,200 crime scenes and completed the compilation of about 2,000 probation reports. Her excellent performance during her decade-long work has won her many awards and titles, including National Labor Medal, Top Public Servant in Chongqing and the Most Beautiful Laborer, from the central and local authorities.

(Source: cqnews.net/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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