Student Mythbusters Attend Food Safety Event

August 14, 2017  By Tang Wei, Yan Mengye  Editor: Alice Shang
Student Mythbusters Attend Food Safety Event

Students make experiments to test food safety rumors. [China University of Mining and Technology/Li Shuang]


A regional university launched a program to improve its students' food safety communication literacy in Zhejiang Province, east China, on July 25.

The opening event at Zhejiang Ocean University, in Zhoushan, consisted of two sessions: fact checking experiments and a food safety forum.

The fact checkingsession was designed to encourage students to take a hands-on approach to debunking fake stories about food safety.

One experiment was meant to dispel the rumor that crabs sold in the markets are injected with water to increase their weight.

Students were divided into groups and instructed to inject water into crab meat. Only one group succeeded, yet the water leaked out completely after a few minutes.

Attendees were also shown how to test rice grains to see if they are real or fake. Burning a small sample will reveal if it is natural or made from plastic.

Their experiments were broadcast live on social media platforms, attracting an audience of more than 80,000.

Huang Shitian, a college student, said that "School media should play its part in publicizing scientific knowledge on food safety."

When it comes to food safety rumors, Zhang Muzhi, another college student, said every news publisher has the obligation to check if information is true or not.

Liu Lianxian, a college student from Nankai University, said the country should pay attention to food safety in school canteens, and towards milk products.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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