Caring Community Policewoman Receives High Praise

February 5, 2018  Editor: Chen Caixia
Caring Community Policewoman Receives High Praise
Luo Dan (L) talks with a foreign resident. [Women Voice] 


The U.S. consulate in Wuhan recently sent a letter to policewoman Luo Dan, of Hannan Public Security Branch in Economy and Technology Development Zone, for her long-standing assistance to residents of a local international community.

Luo works near Gold Harbor Community, a residential area in Hannan District of Wuhan, a city in central China's Hubei Province.

The area has in recent years attracted professionals from around the world due to the nearby offices of such brands as Citroën and Honda.

There, Luo helped to establish the Gold Harbor Community Police Chamber in 2015 and united security staff to conduct full-time patrols.

The community is home to around 4,800 households, with some 360 foreign residents who speak more than 10 languages.

In order to raise safety awareness, she co-designed a brochure, advising foreigners to lock their doors and install fences and alarm systems.

Before long, a French lady called the police and reported that her son, who cannot speak Chinese, had gone missing. When Luo heard the news, she comforted the worried mother and searched in the main streets.

After they found the crying boy, she helped send him home.

"Luo was really nice and enthusiastic about helping our foreigners," added the lady.

Safety Education Benefits 'Foreign Buds'

Most Chinese schools teach safety knowledge and traffic laws as part of the compulsory education system. However, Wuhan Yangtze River International School, which only has overseas students, did not offer such courses.

"The school has over 300 students and teachers. Foreign children should also learn about self-protection," said Luo.

She arranged 13 safety classes on various themes, which helped foreign students better enjoy their lives in China.

"The thank-you letter is for Luo’s care to foreign residents, and her efforts to help children grow healthily," said an official from the consulate.

Meanwhile, during a recent themed activity, Luo liased with the Exit and Entry department to help 486 foreigners renew their passports.

One Irish man whose passport was about to expire, hurried to Luo's service room at a weekend last November. Luo went through the formalities with him in half an hour, helping him avoid his Residence Permit going out of date.


Caring Community Policewoman Receives High Praise
The letter from the consulate in Wuhan [Women Voice]
Caring Community Policewoman Receives High Praise
Luo Dan (L) teaches a child how to salute. [Women Voice]


(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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