Chinese Female Soldiers Proud to Keep Guard on the Nansha Islands

March 10, 2018  Editor: Su Yilin
The first batch of female soldiers arrives in the Nansha Islands. [ Yufei]


A group of female Chinese soldiers have proudly kept guard on the Nansha Islands since December 11, 2017.

They belong to the first batch of female soldiers to arrive on the islands, which are some 1,000 kilometers from the mainland.

"I am proud to keep guard on the Nansha Islands," said sergeant Zhou Mengzhen, one of the female soldiers.

Liang Ying joined the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Rocket Force in March 2010, together with another 15 female soldiers.

Liang has participated in rocket launches twice and has earned two third-class merits over the past eight years.

During summer 2012, Liang went to the northwest of the country to be in charge of setting up missiles, which requires outdoor operations such as climbing, running and preparing camouflage.

Zhang Lingling, the only female staff officer in the training team, was awarded Outstanding Staff Officer in 2017 by Tibetan Military Command.

Zhang is a sharpshooter and ranked first in a comprehensive test among her peers.

Zhang is also a presenter of Dining Hall Broadcast announcements on her base. The program is popular among the fellow soldiers.

Gerile, a Mongolian girl, grew up speaking Mongolian.

When Gerile was a teenager, she was determined to be a soldier. She eventually became a female operator after her first year in college when the army conscripted in her school.

Her work as an operator needs a high level of Mandarin.

"Previously, every time I spoke in Mandarin, I thought it over and over again and I could never find the right words,” said Gerile.

After two months, Gerile learned to speak fluent Mandarin with the help of Monitor Wang Xiao'ou.

Before the 2018 Spring Festival, every female soldier wrote an article titled Story of My Hometown.

Ge wrote the following words at the end of her composition: “I am happy to learn Mandarin. I have made new friends and learnt new knowledge. I am more cheerful and self-confident than before. The proudest thing is that I finally become a soldier.”

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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