Charitable Woman Puts Chinese Dream into Practice

March 13, 2018  Editor: Zhang Cuimei

A charitable woman has put the Chinese Dream into practice by founding an organization to help migrant workers and their babies living in isolated and impoverished areas of the city access to education.

Wu Zhiping was a writer who focused on Chinese rural society before she came to the city of Guangzhou, in south China's Guangdong Province. Now, she is the director of the Faze Urbanization and Public Good Institute (Guangzhou), and has long been concerned about the migrant workers living in poverty and isolation in Guangzhou.

Wu is closely associated with rural areas and, after retirement, she went into China's rural community and wrote the book Survey of Rural Women's Lives in China, after which she worked for a social organization under Beijing Women's Federation.

"Before I came to Guangzhou in 2012, I studied the groups of ‘left-behind' women and children. They are all married rural women whose husbands have left their villages in search of work, or are children under the age of 14 in the same situation,” said Wu, “However, after I arrived in Guangzhou, I found that those women I originally focused on had a new identity – 'migrant workers'."

Thus, Faze Urbanization and Public Good Institute (Guangzhou) was founded to deal with the integration of migrant workers into the urban community.

With some U.S. $80,000 sponsored by the local government, Faze's first project was in the village of Sanyuanli.

Sanyuanli Community University came into operation in 2015, with courses like Writing, Business English, Speech and Entrepreneurship.

To ensure babies of migrant workers have access to early education, Wu founded the FAZE Magic Parent-Child Kindergarten which charges only 5 yuan (U.S. $80 cents) for a class.

Huang Ling is a popular teacher at Faze Magic Parent-Child Kindergarten. Thanks to Wu's help, she has learned how to educate her own baby and become a trusted teacher, despite dropping out of school at the age of 10. Huang in 2017 joined the Communist Party of China.

Wu has worked in the Sanyuanli community for five years since 2012, and many migrant workers have been helped by the school. "The migrant workers' improvement brings the greatest happiness to me", said Wu.


(Source: Golden Sheep Net/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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