Zhang Xiaonan: Outstanding CCTV News Anchor

April 16, 2018  By Song Xinrui, Zhao Guangxia  Editor: Liu Yang
Zhang Xiaonan: Outstanding CCTV News Anchor
Zhang Xiaonan [people.cn]


Zhang Xiaonan has grown into a successful news anchor at China Central Television (CCTV), even though she has never studied broadcasting or journalism at university.

Zhang, 32, graduated from Xi'an International Studies University (XISU) with an English degree in 2001 and soon landed a job at Beijing-based New Oriental Education and Technology Group as an instructor.

She made her way up to be an assistant of Yu Minhong, Chairman and CEO of New Oriental, in the following several years.

Later, she went to the U.S. and continued her further education, majoring in finance at New York-based Columbia University.

Beijing TV offered Zhang work after she returned from the U.S. in 2007.

She officially took the post of journalist for CCTV's News Probe in 2012 and became a host of 24 Hours on the CCTV-13 news channel.

Most of her colleagues graduated from Communication University of China or other media-focused universities.

She has never stopped her quest for academic study and successfully acquired all the necessary certificates to be a TV host in the past few years.

Although Zhang often has to work late into the night, she is still energetic and optimistic in her daily life.

As an enthusiast of sports, she often takes part in running, dancing and other activities in her spare time.

So far, her elegant hosting skills, plus optimistic mood have helped her win the heart of many audiences.


Zhang Xiaonan: Outstanding CCTV News Anchor
Zhang Xiaonan on CCTV's '24 Hours' [people.cn]


(Source: people.cn/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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