Women's Drone Team Secure Power Grid in C China City

June 8, 2018  Editor: Wushanshan

The Women Drone Flying Team in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province, operated a fire drone to destroy the broken kite in a power line and secure the safety of power transmission.

A broken kite was caught on a high-voltage power line at the junction of Linjiang Avenue and Garden Road in local Qingshan District recently.

It had the potential to cause line tripping and affect the power supply of the grid if not dealt with in time.

An 8-rotor drone with a nearly 2-meter long gun which can spit fire was subsequently flown to an altitude of 30 meters.

The drone spit fire on the kite and instantly destroyed it.

It was two women who manipulated the drone. Song Xue and Ding Ning are members of the Women's Drone Flying Team in the Transmission and Inspection Room of Wuhan Power Supply Company.

This team is the first women's drone-flying brigade in China.

With an average age of 28 years old, all members are patient and careful in their work. They are becoming the backbone in Wuhan power transmission.

Among the team, Chen Linyu and Song Xue have gained a drone-flying certificate, Ding Ning and Chai Yanyan are on probation, and Lei Shasha and Fu Jia are the workers providing on-the-ground services.

"Drone operation can greatly reduce the operating time and danger because many poles are built in mountains and lakes," Chen Linyu introduced.

However, professional drone operation requires a high level of accuracy.

Chen has gained her certificate after two years of training and one month of full-time study. She is sophisticated in operating all kinds of drones now.

(Source: people.cn/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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