Social Media Influencer Keeps Pursuing Her Dreams

July 10, 2018  Editor: Qiao Ziyu
Social Media Influencer Keeps Pursuing Her Dreams
Lu Lingling visits a nearby greenhouse. []


A 36-year-old mother of two from southwest China's Yunnan Province, has gained a large social media following in the past decades, due to her unique career choices and success in entrepreneurialism.

Nowadays, Lu Lingling, has tens of thousands of followers on her Twitter like social platform Weibo, and has collected over 5,000 friends on her WeChat instant messaging account.

Commentators credit her persistent popularity to her positive attitude towards life, simple background, and three crucial decisions she made since her early 20s.

When she was 24, Lu lived an ordinary life with her parents in southwest China's Sichuan Province. After graduation, she chose to work in administration at a large company in Beijing.

At the time, the internet was just gaining popularity. She published a post on a forum about her progress in transforming a small and shabby house in the capital, complete with before and after photos showing the whole design process from start to finish.

Soon, the post attracted millions of page views and even drew the attention of a host on a popular TV talk show.

"That made me feel confident enough to feel I could do whatever I wanted," Lu said. "I don't think I am a positive woman, but I attributed my achievements to such occurrences."

Since most people around her were renting in those days, she explains: "They didn't quite understand me, but I just wished to have a home of my own."

When invited onto the talk show, Lu attracted many fans with her lively and humorous personality.

A second important occasion came at a time when she decided to get her mother's broken jewelry repaired.

On the advice of a friend, she went to a custom jewelry store and found the repair price was half of the market price. She also made friends with the owner of the shop, who got her interested in the field.

Due to this conversation, Lu quit her job to start up a business selling customized jewelry, even though the salary was much lower than she was used to.

Three years later, she went back to southwest China's Sichuan Province and built up her own jewelry brand.

As for the third occurrence, in 2012, Lu took a trip to Erhai Lake in Yunnan Province with several of her friends.

An idea crossed her mind when she found that they were all very much attracted by the beautiful scenery. She asked local villagers about the price of nearby houses before she left.

Over the next two years, Lu made her own plans and established two guest houses along Erhai Lake, which were honored the title of Most Beautiful Hotel in China in 2015.

Xie Jian’an a friend of her said: "Lu has always kept a passionate attitude towards new things since she was a child. Furthermore, what she has done seems like a dream in my eyes."

For Lu, having a dream is not just to go after a slogan. She did pursue her goals with actions.

"Making money is not my ultimate aim. I just want to achieve my dreams without any regrets," Lu said.

Of courses, she also encountered many problems during the process of starting up her businesses, such as lack of finance. Despite the difficulties, she has never thought about giving up.

These day, Lu still influences as many people as ever.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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