Rural Woman Applies 'Sharing Economy' Model to Local Farms

July 10, 2018  Editor: Wu Shanshan

A female entrepreneur in south China's Hainan Province has set up a "sharing farm" initiative to attract tourists to invest in local economies and help more rural residents achieve prosperity.

"In the city, they have shared bicycles, umbrellas, and charging. Here in the rural areas of Hainan we have shared farms," said Lu guiling, a farm manager in the village of Dahuang mountain.

At the Shared Farm Dahuang mountain, all the animals and plants can be "adopted" either in whole or in part, including a fruit tree, a pheasant, a snake or other things.

Customers can choose to go to the farm and see how crops are cultivated, or learn about the growth of fruits and vegetables or livestock by mobile video in real time, and benefit from investing in agricultural products.

"Agriculture + tourism + Internet sale is the feature of the farm," Lu said.

Nowadays, many tourists visit her farm to enjoy their holidays or experience nostalgia among the mountains and rivers.

About 5,000 people have spent their leisure time in the region, which has helped the farm win an income of over 600,000 yuan.

"The key to building a shared farm and maintaining the rural pastoral scenery is to protect the mountains and water and achieve eco-sustainability," Lu insisted.

Under the leadership of Lu, the Shared Farm has always adhered to a principle scientific and ecological closed-loop economic development.

They have protected the water in the farmland so that even rare fish can live there.

"These farms share agriculture with citizens and tourists, and can also make farmers, especially those less fortunate, share the development dividend," she said.

In Lu's eyes, the farm is a platform for poverty alleviation.

In 2016, she took the lead to establish a specialized cooperative, which encompassed 16 poverty-stricken households in the surrounding areas, to raise snakes with the technical resources and financial advantages of the scheme.

One household earned a dividend of 3,000 yuan that year. Last year, the dividends even reached 5,000 yuan.

The farm also conducted technical training for farmers and provided an employment platform for poverty-stricken households.

Farming, growing, and leisure tourism has directly benefited over 40 rural households and provided over 30 jobs for local people, increasing farmers' income by over 1.5 million yuan in total.

Under the guidance of Lu, the poorest households have escaped poverty. They have all started to think how to use sharing economy to finally improve their lives.

Just last year, the farm was selected as the first pilot shared farm in Hainan.

"We will continue to improve land leases, product adoption, and self-cultivation services in the farm," she explained," and add its functions so as to attract more tourists in the future."

(Source: China women's news/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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