Village Official Perseveres in Leading Locals on Path to Prosperity

November 26, 2018  Editor: Xie Wen
Village Official Perseveres in Leading Locals on the Path to Prosperity
Ran Hui []


A grateful businesswoman in southwest China's Chongqing has been elected as a village official and has actively led locals to achieve prosperity in the past few years.

Ran Hui is a local in the village of Tianshanbao. After graduating from high school, Ran went out to work and opened a villa resort in her husband's hometown in Dongjiazhai Village.

After 14 years of hard work, Ran became a millionaire. Since then, she has been thinking about repaying her hometown and leading villagers to achieve prosperity together.

In 2014, she returned to Tianshanbao Village to run for the position of director of the village committee and was eventually elected with an overwhelming majority of votes. She also promised the villagers to better contribute to the construction of the village.

Ran and other officials therefore decided  to make a determined effort to develop rural tourism. Towards this end, they must first of all address the problem of transportation, since the inconvenience of transportation has greatly hindered the development of the village.

Though Tianshanbao Village is geographically close to a 5A (the highest level) scenic spot, there is no option but to take a hillside dirt road to get there.

Therefore Ran has applied all of her resources to raise funds. With the support of relevant departments and enterprises of the county government, they eventually completed a cement road.

In view of the geographical advantages of local villages, Ran encouraged villagers to develop agritainment businesses. Due to villagers' conservativeness, Ran's proposal was generally rejected.

To achieve her aim, Ran visited villagers from household to household in hope of convincing them, and she won over several open-minded farmers in the end. Ran rented their farmhouses, relied on the help of local Taohuayuan Street to invest over 200,000 yuan, and started the first agritainment business in the village on May 1 last year.

In order to call for more villagers to actively participate, Ran encouraged them to join the tourism cooperatives so that they could enjoy shares at no cost. In September last year, Ran successfully established the Tianshan Renjia Rural Tourism Professional Cooperative in Youyang County, taking in 36 households, including 17 underprivileged families.

Due to the low income generated by corn planting and flue-cured tobacco planting, Ran was well aware that to change the backwards situation, she must guide the local villagers to adjust the agricultural industrial structure and take a road of industrialization.

When she learned after investigation that some villages in Youyang County have harvested considerable benefits by planting the Chinese herbal medicine material gallnut, Ran suggested villagers make attempts to start doing so.

In addition to the gallnut, Ran also led some villagers to try and plant chrysanthemum and fruit-bearing forest so as to realize the diversified development of the planting industry.

Not long ago Ran made an inspection tour to other places and returned to make a more determined attempt to expand the planting scale of fruit trees in the village to help more villagers out of poverty.

With concerted efforts, some 200 hectares of wasteland in the village were developed and planted with fruit trees.

Ran said that this could solve the problem of selling the agricultural products through unified planting, acquisition, and sales, and also increase the market price of crops. In the meantime, with the operation model of combining cooperatives and farmers, they can effectively enhance their ability to withstand market risks.

Under the leadership of Ran, the Party and village committees, the per capita income of villagers in 2017 has exceeded 7,000 yuan.

(Source: Translated and edited by Women of China)

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