Craft Expert Helps 100 Local Women Find Jobs in SW China

December 29, 2018  Editor: Xie Wen
Craft Expert Helps 100 Local Women Find Jobs in SW China
Wang Fuyan []


A versatile middle-age woman from southwest China's Guizhou province has successfully integrated ethnic elements into handicrafts production and actively led local women to find jobs in recent years.

Wang Fuyan is from the generation born in the 70s. She still remembered that she first saw floral cloth handiwork in Lijiang, southwest China's Yunnan province, where it was popular among tourists.

After returning from Lijiang, she quickly imitated what she had found and made the same fabric artwork and designed nearly 100 new varieties. She then decided to start her own business making similar cloth accessories.

In 2006, Wang set up her own studio called Flower Tribe, and recruited several nearby housewives and unemployed women. She said, "Such work is suitable for women since they are relatively careful. They can also take materials and work at home, which solves the problem of insufficient studio space in the early stages, and they can also take care of the family while earning some extra money."

Her hand-made fabric products draw on several traditional techniques such as appliqué embroidery, pile flower embroidery, manual tassels and hand-stitching. She creates her craft by using environment-friendly cotton and linen.

Wang hopes to grow her product line into a cultural brand of Guizhou handmade fabrics.

Her products have already been selected as specialty tourist products of Guiyang City and a brand of the province. Her personally-designed and produced work 12 Zodiac Sachet won the Silver Award at China Tourism Commodity Competition last year.

Wang has driven nearly 100 people to be employed in her studio in the past 12 years. In order to expand the market, Wang also opened online stores on leading retailers such as Taobao and Amazon, which has brought her many orders every day.

(Source: Translated and edited by Women of China)

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