Dedicated Woman Volunteers Time, Money to Help Left-behind Children

March 12, 2019  By Cang Wei  Editor: Wei Xuanyi

He Jinghong, a resident in Zhenjiang city, East China's Jiangsu province, has provided motherly care to 54 left-behind children, which inspired her young daughter to dedicate herself to volunteering as well, Modern Express reported on Wednesday.

The children are from Zhenjiang city's Shiye Island, of whom 90 percent are left behind because their parents have to work away from home to support the families, the story said.

He, who inherited her mother's warm heart, has shown motherly tenderness toward these children in need since 2002, when she attended a volunteering activity in the city.

Since then, she has spent over 100,000 yuan ($14,876) to finance students' studies and devoted over 10,000 hours in volunteer services.

In 2017, she worked with a local social worker center and founded a care center for the 54 left-behind children on the island.

As a worker in a book store, she chooses proper books for the children to read on the weekend, a priority in their study. She also teaches the youngsters skills, such as swimming, since these young islanders need to know how to swim to stay safe.

Like He, her young daughter also inherited a sense of kindness and has devoted herself to volunteering as well, becoming the third generation of her family committed to helping the people in need.


(Source: China Daily)

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