SW China Rural Officials Lead Villagers on a Path to Well-off Life

April 25, 2018  By Han Zhen  Editor: Liu Yang
SW China Rural Officials Lead Villagers on a Path to Well-off Life
Several farmers collect their plums on a farm. [xinnong.net]


Four female rural officials from southwest China's Chongqing have pressed ahead with their mission to lift local people out of poverty against all odds.

Wu Haiyan, Cai Ping, Chen Renfeng and Chen Xiang all work in the mountainous village of Longdong in Wushan County.

Since they were designated with the task last year, they have personally visited and made a detailed file on the economic status of every local household, noting down access to drinking water and the principal factor for persisting poverty.

All of them have performed outstandingly and never made any complaints in the fulfillment of daily work, though they have each had their own difficulties.

For instance, Wu has to look after her elderly parents, physically impaired daughter and young son, since her husband is often away from home to find employment opportunities in far-off cities.

Nevertheless, she has always politely turned down the offer of assistance from her colleagues in the completion of normal tasks.

Several months ago, Wu and her three workmates were simultaneously thrown into panic and burst into tears when their vehicle slid into a drainage ditch on the way back from a visit to impoverished households at night.

However, they put what had happened behind them and continued their work as usual on the next day.

So far, they have come up with a plan to lead local villagers to develop tourism-oriented agriculture and transform local mountains into a sightseeing park.

Local farmers have grown lucrative plums on a total of 266.67 hectares farmland till now, with their dream of leading a well-off life to be reachable in a near future.

Chen Xiang, Party chief of the remote village, said the smiles on the faces of local people have provided them with great inspiration and support in overcoming setbacks and difficulties in daily work

(Source: Xinhua/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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