Russian Girl Sees China As Her Home

May 2, 2018  Editor: Xie Wen
Kristina Angie teaches belly dancing in an arts training center in Hunchun, Jilin province. The lightness and buoyancy of her movements, and her beautiful silhouette are admired by her students.[China Daily]


Dazzling Russian damsel Kristina Angie, born in Slaviyanka, a town in Russia in 1990, came to China to study the Chinese language after graduating from high school at the age of 17. She first started her academic courses at Yanbian University seven years ago and moved to Hunchun, Jilin province after graduating. Now she is an editor at the Russian-language edition of Hunchun Tuman River Newspaper, but loves to sing and dance in her spare time. She spends her evenings teaching belly dancing in an arts training center in Hunchun. The center sits on the junction of Chuncheng Road and Xinan Road. Having spent the last 10 years in China, she loves the lifestyle here and hopes to take China as her home. Actually, of the 250,000 permanent residents in Hunchun, at least 400 families come from Russia.


Kristina has lived in China for 10 years and has many beautiful memories of her time here. She is bright, cheerful and easy-going, winning the affection of her colleagues at the newspaper.[China Daily]
Kristina works as a belly dance coach at an arts training center in Hunchun, giving two classes per week. Sometimes she takes part in commercial performances.[China Daily]
Kristina enjoys coffee in a coffeehouse in Beijing.[China Daily]
A journalist in Hunchun interviews Kristina.[China Daily]


(Source: China Daily)

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