Lang Ping: 'Friending' the Family

February 11, 2018  Editor: Chen Caixia

You can always rely on the love and support of your family on your journey to unleash your true potential, and few families better demonstrate this than beloved China women's volleyball team coach Lang Ping and her daughter Lydia Bai Lang.

The pair attended the Budweiser's 2018 Chinese New Year celebration campaign at the end of last month in Times Square, New York City, to share their mother-and-daughter moments.

Budweiser partnered with Chinese internet giant Tencent to conduct and publish a white paper titled "Are Parents Our Outsiders? Annual Survey on WeChat Timelines". According to the survey, more than half of young Chinese people have blocked their parents from their social media networks, despite the fact the majority of parents enjoy reading their children's online posts.

This new generation of Chinese youth are increasingly hiding their lives and dreams away from family members, often out of fear that their parents will not be able accept their new lifestyles and ambitions.

They are afraid their lifestyles will be misinterpreted by their parents, so resort to blocking their parents out of their social lives. In doing so, they fail to see how much effort parents can make to catch up. An honest conversation, in the end, resolves the conflict and brings about mutual trust.

But at the same time, nearly 80 percent of parents said they were willing and ready to fully support their children's life pursuits.

The results of this survey revealed the misunderstanding and miscommunication between the younger generations of Chinese people and their parents.

So maybe now is the time for us to ask: shouldn't we start inviting our parents back into our lives, and show them our appreciation?

Lang Ping and her daughter Lydia Bai Lang are perfect examples of this love-appreciation dynamic enduring in the Chinese family unit.

The two share a secret code of "patting each other on the shoulder," and Lydia often uses this simple action to offer her mother encouragement.

Lang Ping will also never forget how Lydia supported her during the Rio Olympics: "At one point, our team had lost two games, and I was under a lot of stress.

My daughter somehow found a way to get herself into the Olympic Village where she made me scrambled eggs with tomato, my favorite Chinese dish, to cheer me up." After that meal, Lang Ping led her team to fight its way back to win the championship, earning China its first gold medal in 12 years.


Lang Ping: 'Friending' the Family
Lang Ping at Budweiser's 2018 Chinese New Year celebration campaign at the end of last month in New York. [China Daily]


"More and more people are breaking the limits of tradition and bravely pursuing their dreams. They might fail, however, to notice that their parents are always there supporting them," says Matt Che, vice-president for marketing of AB Inbev APAC North.

Zhang Qiyue, consul general of the People's Republic of China in New York, echoed her sentiments with the audience, saying at the event, "We can see the importance of cross-generational communication between coach Lang Ping and her daughter Lydia, who also inspire us to understand the love and care in Chinese families, which are the most valuable support we have in our journey to self-realization. This Chinese New Year, I sincerely hope Chinese people everywhere will open their hearts and let their parents in. Show them your gratitude and appreciation."

For the Time Square's event, Lydia brought Lang Ping a very sweet gift: a pair of touch-screen gloves to keep Lang Ping's hands warm when the two communicate by phone in winter.

Lang Ping also spoke of her appreciation for Lydia: "Whenever I feel stressed, I always think of you because that brings me energy. Thank you, my daughter-the source of my happiness." 

(Source: China Daily)


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