Retired Volleyball Champ Starts New Career in Tianjin

June 5, 2018  Editor: Xie Wen
Wei Qiuyue (C) [Xinhua]


Wei Qiuyue, former captain of the Chinese women's volleyball team, was elected as deputy secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League (CYL) at the 14th congress of Tianjin CYL on Jan 15.

Wei, 30, was born in the city in north China, where she was first exposed to volleyball at the age of five and was selected to play for Tianjin Women's Volleyball Team at 15.

With the help of her coach Wang Baoquan and teammate Ding Hongying, Wei had made rapid progress as a setter and gradually grew in reputation among the public.

In 2004, the 16-year-old Wei joined in the reserve list for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. "She has great potential and solid basic skills. Although there are still deficiencies, she will become great with enough practice," said Chen Zhonghe, the national coach at the time.

Meanwhile, the Chinese youth women's coach Cai Bin, transferred Wei to his team as the setter preparing for competitions on the international arena because of her outstanding skills and mature personality, even though she was still young.

With four years of training, Wei finally became a key player and represented China in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the Women's World Cup in 2011.

Like many talented and capable athletes, Wei severely injured her knees with years of training. After helping her team achieve second place in the 2014 World Championships, head coach Jenny Lang arranged treatment for Wei in the U.S..

However, the recovery after surgery took much more time and efforts, which was beyond all expectation.

Despite her physical condition, Wei joined intense winter training as soon as finishing the surgery, which deteriorated her rehabilitation and forced her to go back to hospital from time to time.

However she insisted on training with heavy ice packs on her knees and with the spirit of perseverance and courage of Chinese women's volleyball players, said Wei.

In 2016, Wei participated at the Summer Olympics where her team won gold by beating Serbia 3-1 in the final, and she announced her retirement from the national team right away on CCTV5 after the medal ceremony.

After Wei was elected as a deputy secretary, she quoted President Xi Jinping: "A nation will be full of hope and have a great tomorrow only when its younger generations have ideals, ability, and a strong sense of responsibility. With the new title on the new position, I will continue to exceed myself and play a role in what I do.”

"I hope to spread the spirit of Chinese women's volleyball team to more young people through my actual actions and unite them as a whole to promote our country's development," Wei added.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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