Chinese Yi Ethnic Poet Jidi Majia Wins Silver Willow Award at Cambridge Fest

July 31, 2017  By Global Times  Editor: Penny Huang
Chinese Yi Ethnic Poet Jidi Majia Wins Silver Willow Award at Cambridge Fest
Jidi Majia []


Chinese ethnic minority poet Jidi Majia was awarded the "Silver Willow" Lifetime Achievement Award at the Cambridge Xu Zhimo Poetry and Art Festival Saturday in recognition of his great contributions to poetry.

Jidi, considered one of China's greatest minority poets, is from the 9 million strong Yi ethnic group, who have traditionally lived in the hills of Southwest China for thousands of years.   

Jidi Majia told the Global Times, "As a poet linked to the ancient cultural tradition of the Yi ethnic group, the unique way of life and spiritual culture of my ethnic group have had a profound influence on me."

Talking about the current trends of globalization and US nationalism, Jidi Majia said that he believes it is more important now than ever to establish more effective channels and mechanisms for dialogue and consultation between different ethnic groups, different religions, different classes and groups with different ethical values.

"It is gratifying to note that when many confrontations or potential confrontations occur, poetry miraculously becomes the most secretive way for people to communicate mentally and spiritually," he explained.

Held at King's College at Cambridge, the two-day festival's theme was River Cam, Cambridge. Almost 200 renowned poets, writers, calligraphers and scholars from all over the world gathered to read poems, exchange ideas, and hold seminars and thematic exhibitions on the bank of the River Cam, the place where famous Chinese poet Xu Zhimo wrote his Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again.

This was the third Cambridge Xu Zhimo Poetry and Art Festival held since the festival began in 2015. 

Richard Berengarten and Sarah Butterfield from the UK, as well as Jiang Baolin, Liu Zhengxing, and Xiao Rong from China also won poetry and art awards at the festival.

Twenty famous poets from around the world including Yang Ke from China, Dr. Stephen Cherry and Lucy Hamilton from the UK, Adnan Saygun from Iraq and Sandeep Parmar from India recited poetry at the awards ceremony.

Alongside the poetry readings, four artwork exhibitions are being held at King's College, including Chinese and British Contemporary Ceramic Painting Exhibition by the China National Arts Fund, Changing Landscape of King's College, a solo exhibition of artist Liu Zhengxing's oil painting Road to Heaven; and art exhibition Cam River, Cambridge.

The festival was co-hosted and organized by the Cambridge Rivers Press, the Development Department at King's College and the Cambridge Rivers Project, a cultural protection project. 

After three years of development, the annual festival has become one of the largest and most influential Sino-British cultural exchange activities in the UK.

(Source: Global Times)

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