Charity Project Offers Medical Treatment to 285 CHD Children from SW China

August 27, 2017  By Chen Jing  Editor: Hewater Liu

Tibetan children with congenital heart disease (CHD) arrive in Shanghai Railway Station on July 1. []


As of August 19, charity program Heart Ali has provided over 30,000 underprivileged children from southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region with medical examinations and offered medical treatment to 285 children with congenital heart disease (CHD).

The charity project was jointly launched by Chinese actress Fan Bingbing and President of Beijing Max Times Cultural Development Company Chen Lizhi during their visit to Ngari Prefecture in Tibet in August 2010. Later, the two sponsors designated Yoda Cardiothoracic Hospital as the only qualified medical institute in east China's Shanghai to offer the children medical operations.

The charity initiative identified a total of 73 CHD children, out of 4,685 teenage candidates, as its eighth round of beneficiaries this June.

With the exception of two children unsuitable for medical operations, 42 teenage patients have had their illnesses treated successfully during their visit to Shanghai in July and have already returned to their homes in Tibet.

As the second batch in the latest round of medical assistance, 19 CHD children arrived in Shanghai on August 19 and are scheduled to receive operations to treat their disease in the following weeks.

Li Xiaobo, a medical expert from Yoda Cardiothoracic Hospital, said that these children were expected to undergo their medical operations and to be discharged from the hospital within a week if their physical conditions allowed them to do so.


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