45 Years, 45 Stories: Celebrating the History of Australia-China Diplomatic Ties

December 8, 2017  By Ye Shan  Editor: Arnold Hou

Launch event of the 45 Years, 45 Stories initiative [Photo by the Australian Embassy]


China and Australia will celebrate the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations on December 21. The anniversary is seen as an important milestone for the ever-expanding ties between the two countries.

The occasion will offer an opportunity to celebrate the evolution and diversity of the bilateral relationship, which has strong economic, trade and political credentials.

To coincide with the event, on December 6, the Australian embassy in Beijing launched the 45 Years, 45 Stories initiative, for which organizers collected stories told from Australian and Chinese perspectives that highlight the breadth and depth of the friendship.

Speaking at the launch event, Australian ambassador to China, Jan Elizabeth Adams, said: "We share a long history of people-to-people links, going back more than a century before the establishment of diplomatic relations."

The stories collected for the initiative celebrate the multifaceted community and cultural links – across sport, science, the arts, business and academia – that are the fabric of the Australia-China relationship, Adams commented.

Four representatives of the 45 people who shared their stories attended the launch. They were: Shelley Warner, one of the six former diplomats who participated in the establishment of the Australian embassy in China; Chen Shaoliang, the first Chinese sportsman to play in the Australian rules football league; Geng Ling, who brought Australian post-production techniques to the Chinese film industry back in the 1990s; and Heidi Dugan, a TV anchor who has worked in Shanghai for almost 20 years. The representatives spoke about their remarkable experiences in communications between China and Australia in their respective fields.

45 Years, 45 Stories is an initiative of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The initiative is also supported by People's Daily Online Australia. More stories are available on http://en.45stories.com/.

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