Campaign Kicks Off to Improve Women's Health in E China's Zhejiang

December 23, 2017  Editor: Yang Yang
Campaign Kicks Off to Improve Women's Health in E China's Zhejiang
Group photo of participants [Zhejiang News]


Zhejiang Women and Children's Foundation recently held a ceremony to launch the 'Carnation Care Campaign for Women's Health' in Taizhou on December 15.

Jointly initiated by Zhejiang Women's Federation and the Zhejiang provincial civil affairs bureau, the campaign, themed 'Caring for Women's Health and Raising Their Awareness of Healthcare', was designed to provide quality, long-term health services to women.

The project tries to provide all women of low-income households in Taizhou with free commercial insurance packages, as well as rehabilitation allowances for those who are sick, with a view to bringing more concern and care for this group of women.

Fang Ying, vice-president of Zhejiang Women's Federation, said that the campaign is an effective method for women's federations to provide all-round health services to local women, as well as a concrete measure to enhance women's awareness of health, ensuring every women, including those who are sick and fall into poverty, enjoy the care of the government and the warmth of women's federations.

(Source: China Women's News / Translated and edited by Women of China)

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