The Moment I See You

September 10, 2017  By Wang Mi  Editor: Jane Wang
The Moment I See You

Cover of the book 'The Moment I See You' []


The Moment I See You is the latest book by up-and-coming female writer Ma Ling. It covers some of her hugely popular articles shared on WeChat (a popular messaging app in China) as well as numerous short stories.

Ma, who goes by the pseudonym of Mi Meng, said the book contains some quite plain, sincere and pure love stories.

In Ma's opinion, love makes ordinary acquaintances appear unique and brilliant in each other's eyes.

The writer hopes that everyone can find true love in this "busy and confusing society."

"Each story is written for those who are waiting for true love. Good love makes us learn to cherish, forgive and teach us the ability to love others," she says.

"Because of love, you will have the courage to face the complicated life and strengthen the ability to handle unexpected things."

 (Source: and edited by Women of China)

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