Good Person Song Meiyong

November 21, 2017  Editor: Jane Wang
Good Person Song Meiyong

Cover of the book "Good Person Song Meiyong" []


Ren Xiaowen, an up-and-coming writer from Shanghai, recently shared her experiences of creating her new book, Good Person Song Meiyong, with readers at an activity.

Ren started publishing works in 1999. Over the years, many of her works have been translated into foreign languages including Swedish, English, French, and Russian.

Ren said the new book tells a story about a woman who leads a hard life in Shanghai and suffers many hardships and who adheres to her own belief that she can do something meaningful and important.

Through writing the book, Ren hopes to reflect the history of the city at that time and different people's beliefs toward life.

Writer Sheng Keyi said Ren has an important virtue --- she pays special attention to the livelihoods of the people. Her works are quite profound and give readers power.

Ren expressed her thanks to those who participated in the book-sharing activity.

(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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