Hangzhou Women's Development Research Center

September 17, 2010  Editor: admin

Thanks to the efforts of Hangzhou Women's Federation and City College of Zhejiang University, this year saw the founding of the Women's Development Research Center of Hangzhou in southeast China's Zhejiang Province. Chairman of the Provincial People's Congress Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee and Vice-chairman of the Chinese Women's Studies Association Tong Shaosu has been invited to act as an advisor at the center.

The focus of the newly founded Hangzhou Women's Development Research Center is on research into achieving women's social rights and improving the overall quality and potential of professional women; also on providing reference materials to the government departments that launch women’s development policies.

Of Hangzhou's 43 Eleven-Five Women's Development Plan quantifiable indicators, 38 (88.4%) had reached their targets by the end of 2009. Hangzhou will carry on working towards the plan's goals of enhancing women's employability, improving the health level of women prior to their marriageable age and safeguarding women's legitimate rights and interests.

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