Peking University Research Center for Chinese and Foreign Women

July 5, 2010  Editor: yzx

Established in 1990, Peking University Research Center for Chinese and Foreign Women is an interdisciplinary teaching and academic research institution which organizes postgraduate Master of Women's Studies courses, theoretical and practical studies on women, and exchanges and cooperations with domestic and overseas women's teaching and research institutes. The center carries out academic research on the basic theory of women's studies; sociology of gender; women and economic development; women's laws; women's education; female psychology; women's demography; women's health; women and the environment; domestic and foreign women's literature; the history of Chinese women; and investigation and research into women's practical problems. It has produced influential research on the numerous national and Beijing women's studies research projects it has taken up. The center regularly organizes symposiums on women and periodically publishes in the Journal of Academic Exchange papers on women's studies trends and women's research papers.

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