Department of Community Health and Maternal &Child Health, Ministry of Health

March 28, 2006  Editor: huangjuan

The basic functions of the Department of Community Health and Maternal & Child Health are: to work out complete regulations, technological standards and operation criterions according to the Law of the PRC on Maternal and Infant Health Care; to supervise the implementation of the law and the special techniques related to women and infant health; to draw up the in-service training plans for the supervisors of the law, technological appraisers and professional personnel; to work out the measures checking on the professional personnel and the recognition of their professional qualification; to draw up the plans, policies and technical criterions of promoting the quality of the birth population and guide the implementation; to work out the plans, managing measures and technological criterions for women's health care and guide the implementation so as to control the main women's diseases; to formulate and guide the implementation of the measures of the establishment and management of women and infants health organizations and their technological and service criterions; to be responsible of the observation of women and children health and the management of information for annual report; and to enhance international cooperation and exchanges in terms of women health.


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