Shandong Women's Names on Land-contract Registrations, Certificates

February 12, 2018  Editor: Chen Lu

At the beginning of May 2017, the government of Shandong Province proposed that women's names should be included on their land-contract registrations and certificates, no matter how they registered their land-use contracts, to help protect rural women's rights and interests of contracting land. The number of cases related to rural women's rights and interests in contracting land has been declining, year by year, in Shandong since 2013.

The government of Liaoning Province in August 2017 issued a document on steadily promoting the reform of the system of rural collective property rights. The document stipulated that women members should have the same rights as men to be elected as members of rural collective economic organizations (farmers' cooperatives and other organizations).

The government of Hongta District (in Yuxi, a city in southwestern China's Yunnan Province) in December 2017 revised the regulations and agreements in five pilot villages, to promote gender equality and break down outmoded conventions and bad customs. The district's government also revised the plan for recognizing the qualifications of the members of the collective economic organizations, to promote the reform of the rural collective property rights system.

(Women of China)

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