Women's Federations Nationwide Respond to Xi's Instructions on Family Education

November 26, 2018  Editor: Xie Wen

President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the National Education Conference on September 10, in which he made comprehensive arrangements for accelerating the modernization of education, building a powerful educational system and doing a good job of managing education.

According to a spokesperson, women's federations at various levels across the country, such organizations should conscientiously study and understand the spirit of Xi's speech, and take Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as their guide.

Furthermore, federation officials should concretely implement Xi's instructions on coordinating and providing social resources to serve the family education, and women's federations should play their unique role in supporting the growth of young people.

Xi has commented that family is the first school in a person's life, and that parents are the first teachers of children. They should give children good first lessons in life and provide a positive starting point.

In order to implement the important instructions made by Xi on family affairs, the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) has newly established its Family and Children's Work Department during the current process of reform.

The ACWF has also unified the limited resources into family work, so as to better serve and support family education.

Zhang Bao, president of Shanxi Women's Federation, in north China, has been busy promoting and investigating the implementation of the province's family education promotion regulations in recent months.

"The regulations were officially implemented on September 1 to provide legal support for family education, and promote and guarantee coordinated development of family education, school education and social education."

"Women's federations are obligated to give play to its unique advantages in supporting family education. We will work more enthusiastically, more effectively to achieve more substantial results, and create a new situation in family education," said Ji Ailing, president of Jinzhong (a city in Shanxi) Women's Federation.

In recent years, Guangzhou Women's Federation, in south China's Guangdong Province, has been making efforts to form a family education work pattern, as led by the Party and government and supported by women's federations, other departments and social forces.

"We will conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi to further encourage family education, and play our due role," said Liu Mei, president of Guangzhou Women's Federation.

According to Wang Haixia, president of Hefei Women's Federation, in east China's Anhui province, they have made efforts to support family education as an important task for the current and future period.

Wang said, "We must actively perform our duties for women and families and make parents aware of the importance of family education. We will cultivate a group of outstanding family educators among members of our executive committee and cooperate with professional agencies."

"We will also promote the integrated development of online and offline work, allowing a series of brands connected to family work help parents master proper teaching methods."

Jiang Xiuzhu, president of Anshan (a city in northeast China's Liaoning province) Women's Federation (AWF), said the important speech of Xi is not only the fundamental guide to the development of family education in the new era, but also defines new responsibility of women's federations in family education.

She explained that AWF would improve the working system and mechanism of family education, actively explore new models of co-built and shared family education guidance service, and promote local legislative procedures involving family education."

Donggang City in Liaoning is a pilot city for a new type of family education service system. According to Zhong Yueyuan, president of Donggang Women's Federation, they have achieved positive results in family education in recent years.

Zhong believes that the federation's work on family education should focus on parenting schools, and the federation will create a social atmosphere that emphasizes family education, and provide new ideas and methods to guide parents in family education.

In the view of Yan Qiaoyun, president of Puyang Women's Federation, in central China's Henan Province, bold innovations are required in family education.

The federation has been innovating to strengthen children's ideological and moral education, and promoting family education outside of the school.

Ma Junying, president of the women's federation of Dongdian Community in Changyi,  east China's Shandong Province, and the principal of the local community parents school, has observed that many parents are anxious, confused and unequipped with professional education methods. This made her realize the necessity of providing professional services and guidance to parents.

Fang Xiuli, president of Jingde Women's Federation in Anhui, shared this view.

In recent years, the federation has been coordinating social resources by purchasing social services and cooperating with children's education and training institutions to help parents solve their lack of skills in family education.

Li Baoli, president of Lingbao Women's Federation in Henan, believes that the basis for doing a good job in family education is to promote the well-rounded development of women. She said the federation would make full use of various training bases and women's homes in next few years.

(Source: Fnews.cc/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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